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OllyDBG – the original (ver. 1.10) Debugger
OllyDBG – R4ndom’s version (with scripts and plugins) Debugger
CmpDisasm Compare binary disassemblies, as well as hex and PE headers.
Detect It Easy (DIE) PE Packer identifier
PeID PE Packer identifier
RDG PE Packer identifier
exeinfoPE PE Packer identifier
ImpREC Import Re-constructor
LordPE PE verifier, dumper, editor etc.
PEBrowse PE viewer/editor/disassembler
Peditor PE viewer/editor
PEView PE viewer/editor
ShowString Shows all ASCII strings in a binary
Resource Hacker Allows modifying resources in binaries
Armadillo KeyTool A great tool by eXoDia for analyzing Armadillo packed binaries.
CFF Explorer Suite Great PE and hex editor.
dUP2 Universal patcher by diablo2002.
ShellOp Converter Convert shellcode to opcodes and disassembly by Levis.

Olly Plugins

TLSCatch New version 0.3 by waliedassar.
MUltimate Assembler Multi line assembler by RaMMicHaeL.
Olly Callstack Call stack plugin by Zer0Flag (2.0 only).
 +BP-Olly Open up a new ‘floating’ toolbar at the top of Olly.
 AnalyzeThis+ Allow OllyDbg’s analysis function to operate outside of the marked code segment
Anti-Anti Hardware BP
Hooks ntdll to restore the Drx registers after a Structured Exception Handler.
 API Break
 This plugin allows you to set a breakpoint on many popular Windows API’s
 Ascii Table  quickly displays the ASCII chart in hex, decimal, octal and ascii.
Attach Anyway
A PoC OllyDbg plugin designed to remove a process’ hook on NtContinue.
Bookmark This handy plugin allows the user to set bookmarks
Code Ripper Allows you to copy code from the binary in a nicely formatted way.
Command Bar
Allows quickly applying breakpoints, finding API’s etc.
Hide Debugger
Hides OllyDbg from many debugger detection tricks.
HideOD Allows Olly to be hiden from the debugged application.
IDAFicator .
IsDebugPresent Hides debugger from IsDebuggerPresent Windows API.
Mnemonic Help Displays information about the currently selected opcode mnemonic.
NanoWrite Helps you write code injection.
Olly Advanced
A ‘must have’. Fixes bugs and adds functionality
Olly Breakpoint Manager
Provides breakpoint exporting, importing and automatic breakpoint loading.
Olly Toolbar Manager Allows you to create your own toolbar.
OllyDump Allows you to dump the debugged process after you have modified it.
OllyPad Lets you create notes for the currently debugged application and stores them for later use.
OllybonE Break-on-Execute for OllyDbg.
OllyDBG Script Allows Olly to run of the thousands of scripts written for Olly.
StrongOD A ‘Swiss army knife’ of functionality.
Ultra String Reference A supped-up version of the built in “search for String References“.

…or download them all as one package (Note: These only include the DLL plugins. There is no source code, text files, or any additional elements.) You can also view my page describing all of these plugins if you’re unsure as to what they do.


The Art Of Assembly Best ASM instructional book out there.
PC Assembly Language Another classic.
Win32asm Tutorial A very good beginning tutorial by Thomas Bleeker
Windows Messages All Windows messages with their hex values
Anti-Debugging- A Developer’s View Very complete text on anti-debugging
Anti Reverse Engineering Guide Down and dirty guide
Methods of Code Obfuscation Very detailed guide to obfuscation
OllyDBG Detection Techniques Ways of specifically detecting Olly
Ultimate Anti-Debugging Reference Most complete guide I’ve seen