I have compiled a list of what I consider to be the most important Olly plugins for reverse engineering. Every one of these will be used at some point in my tutorials. Of course, this list is nowhere near exhaustive (for that I would go to Tuts4You

), and I’m sure there are plenty that I am missing that some would consider ‘vital’. Mostly, I have listed these here for convenience for people going through my tutorials. I have included the name, the latest version that I could find, the author, and a quick outline of what they do.  All of these can be downloaded from my tools page.


Ver. 2.0 beta 4
By: Redh@wK

This plugin open up a new ‘floating’ toolbar at the top of Olly. It provides quick access to setting BP’s on popular API’s (with some for VB as well), Also provides a couple buttons for quickly launching some applications (Notepad, Calc, A user specified folder, and a command prompt)


Anti-Anti Hardware Breakpoint

Ver: 0.1
By: Mattwood^FRET

Single minded, but does what it’s supposed to. It hooks ntdll to restore the Drx registers after a Structured Exception Handler.



ver: 0.24

I think the author says it best:
“Sometimes (especially when dealing with packers) you may need to run OllyDbg’s code analysis function, only to find it’s not available to you because the EIP is currently outside the code segment as defined by the PE header. AnalyzeThis! is an OllyDbg plugin to allow OllyDbg’s analysis function to operate outside of the marked code segment, by telling OllyDbg the current segment *is* the code segment. “

This is another ‘can’t do without’ plugin. It is indispensable, especially when working with packers.


API Break

Ver: 0.2
By: Dazzling Blue & Baby2008

This plugin allows you to set a breakpoint on many popular Windows API’s. It opens a dialog listing many API’s by category. It is nicer than trying to remember what the API call is to get the current time (in millis)…

API Break



Ver: 1.1

AsciiTable quickly displays the ASCII chart in hex, decimal, octal and ascii. I hope the author get’s around to fixing some of the bugs, tho (when you first load it, everything is highlighted, the window is not sizable, the text is editable…). But overall, extremely helpful.

Attach Anyway

Ver: 0.1
By: Jow Stewart

From the author:

“AttachAnyway is a PoC OllyDbg plugin designed to show how to remove a process’ hook on NtContinue by the anti-debugger-attach method devised by Piotr Bania here. [http://pb.specialised.info/all/anti-dattach.asm/

This is not intended to be a universal plugin for all anti-attach methods, just one example of how you can do it. It works by enumerating all processes, searching their virtual memory space for a JMP hook on the NtContinue method, then replacing the jump with the original bytes from a non-hooked process, then calling the OllyDbg Attachtoactiveprocess API.”



Ver: 1.06
By: Oleh Yuschuk & Eviloid

This handy plugin allows the user to set bookmarks (no more using BP’s to remember where that code was!!!). Simply right-click on an instruction and choose bookmark->New bookmark. Simple, but sweet.


Code Ripper

Ver: 1.3
By: Ziggy

This nice plugin allows you to copy code from the binary in a nicely formatted way. Very convenient if you need to copy sections of code to look at later or show someone else.



Ver: 3.20.110
By: Gigapede

Allows quickly applying breakpoints, finding API’s etc. Sometimes typing is a lot quicker than searching thru windows :)



Ver: 1.2.4
By : Asterix

This plugin hides OllyDbg from many debugger detection tricks. These include IsDebuggerPresent, FindWindow, TerminateProcess, Unhandled Exception tricks, OutputDebugString, and some heap-checking tricks.



Ver : 0.181
By: Kanxue

HideOD allows Olly to be hidden from the debugged application. It allows setting the following:

1. HideNtDebugBit (IsDebuggerPrestn, NtGlobalFlags, HeapFlags, ForceFlags)
2. ClearHeadpmagic
3. SetDebugPrivilege
4. Process32Next
5. OutDebugStringA
6. CheckRemoteDebuggerPresent
7. ZwSetInformationThread
8. UnhandledExceptionFilter
9. ZwQueryInformationProcess

It also has an autoset feature and a memory allocator (I think for code caves, tho I could be wrong :)   ) Most of these features are included in Olly Advanced (see below).


By: Zool@nder

IDAFicator is an immense collection of utilities for Olly. It add a new toolbar at the top of the screen with various cool features, such as go to next/previous line I was on, Go to beginning/end of current method (nice!), a displayable hardware breakpoint window (finally!), a button to immediately search for referenced text strings, a button to open the folder of the target app, and an assembler window similar to NanoWrite.

The 1-5 icons are user settable (though I didn’t find this to be the case in all versions of this plugin :(   )

Next, IDAFicator has added several options for the mouse middle button, such as copying and pasting binary data, RVA’s etc. It allows setting of breakpoints in the dump window, and a handy stolen bytes retriever (that even changes the bytes to match a specific compiler).

Last but not least, this plugin creates two new menu items in the Olly menu bar. The first is called “Tools”. This allows you to add any external programs (and folders :) ) you use regularly and open them with a simple mouse click. It’s even drag-and-drop. The second menu option added is a “BreakPoint” item, allowing very easy setting of breakpoints on popular API functions:



Ver: 1.4
By: SV

This Plugin is intended to hide debugger from IsDebuggerPresent Windows API. This functionality is in a lot of plugins, so it will probably be overridden if you install many others. Most of these features are included in Olly Advanced (see below).



Ver: 1.2
By: Nonameo

NanoWrite is a plugin for OllyDbg that helps you write code injection. It allows multiple lines of code to be written at once, and then injected into the binary. Very handy for patching more than one line of code (or for code caves).


Ver: 1.0
By: godfather+

MapConv converts map files from IDA or DeDe to OllyDBG when debugging Delphi files. Really useful if you have a nasty app written in Delphi.


Mnemonic Helper

Ver: 1.1
By:  3070

A nice little plugin that displays information about the currently selected opcode mnemonic. very handy when you reach an obscure x86 line of code.


Olly Advanced

Ver: 1.27

This plugin is a general purpose plugin for OllyDbg that fixes some annoying things of Olly / bugs of Olly v1.10 and also integrate new things. It includes a bunch of Anti-Anti-Debug. It is sort of the Swiss army knife of plugins. If you could only have one plugin, this would be the one!

Bug fixes include:
1. Expand plugin limit to 127 plugins
2. Kill %s%s bug
3. Kill NumOfRva Bug
4. Kill little Analysis-Crash bug
5. Ignore faulty image (WinUPack)
6. Follow in Disasm for packed images
7. Handle Exceptions in OD Pausedex
8. Always enable “Copy all”
9. Fix “View file” & “Copy to exe” Dialog
10. Show all jumps and calls – Allow action in Olly while using
11. Ignore faked export table
12. Handle Base of Code, Size of Code and Base of Data
13. Ignore and skip C0000008h (Inv Handle)
14. Ignore faulty handle when terminating proc

Additional Options:
1. Enable Advanced CTRL+G  (allows address to be entered as VA/RVA/offset – very nice.
2. Skip “Entry point outside code”  – that was sooooo annoying…
3. Skip “More than 1000 patches”
4. Skip compressed code warning
5. Skip “Load dll”
6. Ignore changed memory @BP
7. If CRC was altered
8. Flexible Breakpoints  (instead of using 0xCC BPs)
9. Use Toolhelp32 instead of psapi.dll
10. Skip “ReadMemory failed”
11. Skip “WriteMemory failed”
12. Maximize Olly when starting
13. Maximize all Olly Child-Windows
14. Always enable “Show all jumps and calls”

Anti-Anti Features:
1. Kill anti-attach
2. UnhandledExceptionFilter
3. Process32Next
4. Module32Next
5. CheckRemoteDebugPresent
6. ZWSetInformationThread
7. ZwQueryInformationProcess
8. ZwQuerySystemInformation ( this has a tendency to make some apps load improperly)
9. ZwQueryObject
10. GetTickCount (increases GetTickCount every call by 1)
11. TerminateProcess
12. Scrambled Export Table
13. IsDebuggerPresent
14. NtGlobalFlag
15. HeapFlags
16. ForceFlags
17. SuspendThread (used by y0da)
18. BlockInput (used by y0da)
19. Break on TLS Callback (I noticed that this causes some apps to crash olly)

Many of these have a S-option box. This stands for System Breakpoint – if this option is activated, the anti-debug will be applied when you are @System Breakpoint. this is good if your program uses an Anti-Debug dll which is loaded on Startup. Then you are protected against this also.

Lastly, here are a couple additional features (in the context menu):
1. Allocate Memory : Select “Allocate Memory” and a block of 1000h bytes will be allocated .
2.  Insert Module  : Allows you to insert any DLL / OCX in the target-process
3. Detach Process  : It let’s you detach from debugged process.
4. Process Patcher  :  Allows you to apply patches to child threads.
5. Dump Module  :  similar to Olly’s own.
6. Dump Memory-Area


Olly Breakpoint Manager

Ver: 0.1
By: Pedram Amini

I think the author says it best:
“The Olly Breakpoint (BP) Manager was written to provide three main functions – breakpoint exporting, breakpoint importing and automatic breakpoint loading. Breakpoint importing/exporting are straight forward features and can be accessed from the main plug-in menu as well as the right-click context menu of the breakpoints window. Olly BP Manager was designed to support both regular and log (with expression/explanation) breakpoints. Conditional breakpoints have not yet been implemented.

The breakpoint manager also supports automatic loading of breakpoint lists at runtime. Whenever a module is loaded by the target process, BP Manager will check the ‘breakpoints’ subdirectory under the OllyDBG install directory. If a breakpoint list matching the loaded module name is identified, breakpoints will be loaded and inserted into the module.

For example, to automatically load a breakpoint list for kernel32.dll copy your breakpoint list to:

C:\Program Files\OllyDBG\Breakpoints\kernel32.dll.obp

The module name is case insensitive. This feature is especially useful when working with breakpoints in modules not loaded at startup.”

After you’ve had a full window of breakpoints disappear when re-loading an app, you’ll understand the importance of the plugin!


Olly Toolbar Manager

Ver: Gold
By: arjuns

For those who do not have a custom version of Olly with all of the shiny toolbar buttons, this plugin allows you to create your own toolbar, providing quick-click access to your favorite external programs. Really nice if you don’t want to spend the time single-stepping through Olly code trying to find out how to add a button :)



Ver: 3.00.110
By: Gigapede

OllyDump is a staple for reverse engineers. I don’t consider Olly complete unless you have this plugin. It allows you to dump the debugged process after you have modified it. It also has two more advanced features (Find OEP by section hop: Trace and Trace Into). I use both of these options as well. Gotta have it!



Ver: 1.1
By: SHaG / The Kluger

OllyPad lets you create notes for the currently debugged application and stores them for later use. Next time you open the application in OllyDbg your notes along with OllyPad window size and placement will be restored.
Press ALT-F11 to show the plugin window and ALT to hide it (this functionality is coded by The Kluger).

Because sometimes you can’t find a pencil :)



Ver: 0.1
By: Joe Stewart

Break-on-Execute for OllyDbg. Specifically, it sets break-on-execute on virtual memory sections.


OllyDBG Script

Ver: 0.92
By: SHaG

This plugin allows Olly to run of the thousands of scripts written for Olly. Mostly, they are used for unpacking or decrypting, but there also scripts out there that do a great deal more. This is an invaluable plugin.



By: 海风月影

This plugin was written by a natvie Chinese speaker, so it’s a little tough to figure out what some of it does. Maybe if someone comment or sends me a note if they know, I will fill them in. Anyway, this plugin is similar to Olly Advanced in it’s shear number of options. That aside (if I may so easily do that), the keyboard shortcuts added by this plugin are astounding. It is a virtual smorgasbord of keypresses, some of which you’ll wonder how you ever did without. Here is just a sampling:
1. Press “INSERT” will fill the selected data with ZERO(0×0)
2. Press “DELETE” will fill the selected data with NOP(0×90)
3. Press “SHIFT + ENTER” will sync dump and assembly
4. Press “CTRL” and double click or “CTRL + ENTER” will sync the DUMP window with the selected address
5. Press “ESC” in stack window will sync the STACK window with ESP
6. Press “SHIFT + ENTER” will follow the DWORD value of the selected address in the DUMP window
7. Press “CTRL + 1 ~ 8″ will sync the DUMP window with (EAX,ECX,EDX,EBX,ESP,EBP,ESI,EDI)

and lots more…

Besides keyboard shortcuts, StrongOD has a collection of ant-anti tricks:
1. HidePEB
2. !*PatchFloat (whatever that is?)
3. Advanced Ctrl-G (***See below)
4. KernalMode (?)
5. ShowBar (this shows a cool bar at the bottom ???)
6. Break on TLS
7. Load Symbols (?)
8. KillBadPEBug (I don’t know which bad PE bug tho)
9. AdvEnumModule (?)
10. Anti-Anti Attach
11. Skip some Exceptions (which ones?)
12. Remove EP One-shot
13. Break on Ldr
14. AutoUpdate (tho I don’t know what I’m updating automatically!)

There is also a “CreateProcess Option” field that allows you to select between “Normal”, “CreateAsUser”, and “CreateAsStrict”, tho I don’t know what this means. There’s also a “SuperMode” that’s greyed out. Sounds intriguing.

Other options include a memory allocator, a ‘Detach’ option, a Check Update option (?), a “PatchOD” option which seems to make Olly stop and restart itself in a really scary way, a CheckVMP option ( for VMProtect) and an “Inject DLL” option which sounds really fun, though I haven’t played with it yet.

One important note about this plugin: if you have any other ctrl-G overriders (like OllyAdvanced) you must disable them in those plugins or StrongOD will crash. Since StrongOD’s goto box is similar to OllyAdvanced, it’s not a big deal. (there are also workarounds to this…)


Ultra String Reference

Ver:  0.12
By:  Luo

This is a supped-up version of the built in “search for String References:. It searches for both ASCII and UNICODE, searches the entire memory space, and finds strings the built-in search function won’t. After using this, you will wonder how you ever used Olly’s built in string searcher.