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PE file key note

I have spoken of corkami before . He is the binary-foo master on PE files. He just recently gave a key note in Paris on some interesting things about the PE file. If you have 40 minutes, take a look. I find it fascinating (and not only because he speaks in a funny accent…).

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Unfortunately, we have had some consistent spammers lately who post inane nonsense (usually in Lithuanian, I think), and it has become quite annoying. In order to try and curb the douche nozzles who are doing this, I have been forced to change the permissions on the forum. If you have already registered and posted at least one post, you are registered and nothing will change. However, if you are a new user, or have never posted on a forum, the following are the new rules:

- Guests may not post anything without registering.
- The first post of a newly registered user MUST be approved by a moderator before displaying.
- A user may only post one post until their first post is approved.
- After the first approved post, the user is moved to the “Registered user” status and may post freely.

I am really sorry if this makes people’s life harder, and next time you see a spammer, punch them in the face*.



* If you can provide photographic proof of this, you will get a free account without having to have any posts moderated, set up personally by me.

New Legend Of Random Challenge Is Up!

Crackme #3 is up . The first person to upload a working patcher for this crackme in the challenges forums is the winner of 5000 eur*, so get patching!

The object: Create a patcher that displays goodboy no matter what serial is entered. Upload the patcher to the forum.

*eur stands for “eur lame if you think eur getting any actual money”.

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Legend Of Random Next Crackme Challenge (Winner Gets 5000 eur*)

I will upload the next Legend Of Random crackme challenge tomorrow, Friday Aug. 31st, 12:00pm New York Time. It’s a little tougher than the last couple, so download it and defend your honor! The winner will receive 5000 eur*, so join in the fun!


*eur stands for “eur not really getting anything…”.

Crackme challenge with 5000eur prize…

Why waste your time on my lame crackmes when you can crack this sweet challenge and walk away with 5000 eur (I think that’s like $20 US dollars, but hey, it’s $20 more than you had!!)

Check it out:

Lulzsec gets Lulzsacked…

Another one bites the dust…

R4ndom’s Tutorial #19: Patchers


In this tutorial I will talk about patchers. A ‘patcher’ is a program that, after finding the patches to an app that makes it do what you want (bypass registration, show goodboy etc), a reverse engineer can use to apply these patches to a fresh copy of the program. Usually patchers are small programs that are sent with an un-modified program (for example, one you download from the manufacturer’s site). After running it, the patcher will apply the patches you wish to the un-modified program, and then the program will be ‘pacthed’.

For example, suppose you download a copy of The Most Awesome Program In The World that has a time trial on it. After investigating this app, you find the patch that, when applied, bypasses the time trial. Now I can set this patch in a patcher, telling it exactly where the instruction to be patched is, as well as what to change the instruction to. I can now send out this patcher instead of the whole Most Awesome Program In The World, telling others to simply download the app from the manufacturer and then run the patcher. When the user runs the patcher, the modifications that we set are applied and now this new app will be patched.

Another thing similar to a patcher is a ‘loader’, but I wil not be going over loaders until we get in to unpacking binaries. Stay tuned for that…

In this tutorial I will be patching a crackme called “Saturday Night Crackme.” Seeing as I didn’t want to get hung up on cracking the app, it is a relatively easy target, though I find it really funny (even though my family is about ready to kill me as it can get on your nerves). I will also be using dUP2, a patcher made by Diablo2002, as well as CFF Explorer. As always, you can download this tutorial on the tutorials page. You can also download CFF Explorer on the tools page.

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2nd Challenge Winner

Hawaii67 is the official winner of the second SSECS crackme challenge. And as a special congratulations, Hawaii67 will be receiving a brand new Apple iPhony N4U*!!!!!! Way to go hawaii67!

*N4U stands for “Nothing for you”, which is exactly what hawaii67 will be receiving…

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New Challenge Out Now!

All right, sports fans. I have just uploaded the next crackme challenge, “Patchme1″. Sorry for any confusion on setting up a broken link ahead of time. I will not do that next time :S.

This one is an “Easy” difficulty level, so if you’re an experienced cracker, please let one of the newer guys take a ‘crack’ at it (OK, bad pun). The object is to patch it any way you want to display the goodboy, though serial fishing is not allowed. Remember, post your solution on the forum in the Challenges forum. You can download Patchme1 (and previous crackmes)  here .

The Next Crackme Challenge

The next crackme challenge will be Monday, Aug. 27th at 12pm New York Time. It will be an easy one, so please, if you’re an experienced reverser, let one of the noobs try to solve it :)

I will post a link to it in this blog. So check in Monday morning and try your hand at a crackme. Remember, the first person to post a solution in the forum get’s their name on the scoreboard (that and $4 will get you a cup of coffee…)

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