Unfortunately, we have had some consistent spammers lately who post inane nonsense (usually in Lithuanian, I think), and it has become quite annoying. In order to try and curb the douche nozzles who are doing this, I have been forced to change the permissions on the forum. If you have already registered and posted at least one post, you are registered and nothing will change. However, if you are a new user, or have never posted on a forum, the following are the new rules:

- Guests may not post anything without registering.
- The first post of a newly registered user MUST be approved by a moderator before displaying.
- A user may only post one post until their first post is approved.
- After the first approved post, the user is moved to the “Registered user” status and may post freely.

I am really sorry if this makes people’s life harder, and next time you see a spammer, punch them in the face*.



* If you can provide photographic proof of this, you will get a free account without having to have any posts moderated, set up personally by me.