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Modifying Binaries: Making a Window Non-Closeable


In this tutorial I will discuss various ways of making a window non-closeable. This can come in handy in a variety of cases. Perhaps you would like to display an inspirational quote in a window, “Just because you are unique, does not mean you are useful”, for example. Most users would close this window before really having a chance to think about these words of wisdom. Making the window non-closeable helps solve this problem. Or perhaps you would like to remind a co-worker that there is more to life than work, so send him a game (like “Kill Bunnies With Your Genitalia II”) and make it so it won’t close, thus reminding him that there are always alternatives to working yourself to death.

You can download the files for this tutorial here.

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Update to Tutorial #13 Challenge

Some people have been having trouble with the download link. I have now moved the install file to this site so the file is now local. You can download it here.

A Pre-challenge to Tutorial #13

Apparently we have some 133t hak0r$ here and the tutorials have not been ‘challenging’ enough for them. So, prior to the next tutorial coming out (tomorrow or the next day) I am posting a link to the binary we will be covering in the next tutorial. Feel free to download it and see if you can register it.

You can find the link in the forum here.

R4ndom’s Tutorial #12: A Tougher NOOBy Example


In this tutorial we will be going over a program that’s a little more challenging. It is called ReverseM1, written by R4ndom. I will also be discussing the plugin “Ascii Table” for Olly. It is downloadable on the tools page. This ReverseMe is a perfect example of why the LAME way of patching is often just that- lame.

You can download the files and PDF version of this tutorial on the tutorials page.
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All is Right With The World, Again

After some email exchanges with msg1len, he has agreed to remove the content that he had copied from my site. All in all, I believe this was just a case of internet etiquette naivete. I hold no hard feelings for msg1len and I wish him the best of luck on his site.

I think it all came down to the fact that his site looks a little cooler than mine, and THAT I will not stand for!

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R4ndom’s Tutorial #11: Breaking In Our Noob Skills


In this tutorial we will be discussing patching programs again, but diving a little deeper than a typical single “first patch we come to”. We will start with a console program and find the correct password that has been hidden in it. It is included in the tutorial download. Other than this, all you will need is OllyDBG.

You can download the files and PDF version of this tutorial on the tutorials page.

So let’s get started…

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Someone has Hijacked My Website!!!

I know imitation is the sincerest for of flattery, but this is a little much. This website has basically hi-jacked all of my content and is touting it as it’s own.

Of course there’s no contact info on this person’s site. If anyone has any suggestions for this, please please please let me know. It’s just not cool.

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