Just wanted to let my readers (both of them) know that I am concurrently starting a series of intermediate tutorials on modifying binaries. This is one of my favorite areas of reverse engineering. Being able to add functionality to a program, changing the way a program runs, enabling hidden gems- It is a very challenging area and very rewarding. My feeling is if you can do this stuff, cracking, packing, reverse engineering, it’s all a piece of cake.

I am starting the series off with a tutorial on adding a splash dialog that shows up when starting a program. You could use this for some very helpful functionality, for instance you could change your best friends virus scanner to say on startup that his computer is so full of viruses that there’s really no point in trying to clean it, reminding him how important virus checking is :) Or how about giving your computer a little personality (or better yet, your bosses) by having a popup display a message every time the email program is launched that “I don’t really feel like working today…why don’t you load your own email for a change? In fact, why don’t you…” well, you get the point. All this in the hopes of just giving a little bit back to the people who make your life so wonderful…

Anyway, all of these posts will also be available from the tutorials page, so know yourself out.