In one of my tutorials I asked anyone out there with the gumption to re-do the ASCII plugin, as the idea was great but the implementation was not there (it sucked).

Willem Jongman, aka TopTools in the forum, has answered that call with a new shiny plugin to display the ASCII table inside OllyDBG. And it fixes all of the problems with the old one! You can re-size the window, the text is not selected, yadda yadda yadda.

As a special thank you, TopTool is getting a brand new iMoc computer*

Thank you, TopTool, you rock!

You can download this plugin here .

You can also check out his other tools here .


*iMoc specifications: 3 Htz processor (formerly in a McDonald’s Transformer robot), 4 bytes of ram (expanadable to 256 bytes), no hard drive (why would you with all that ram?), and a pencil as an input device. Display: 3 LEDs  Shipping and Handling: $1200