Legend Of Random Next Crackme Challenge (Winner Gets 5000 eur*)

I will upload the next Legend Of Random crackme challenge tomorrow, Friday Aug. 31st, 12:00pm New York Time. It’s a little tougher than the last couple, so download it and defend your honor! The winner will receive 5000 eur*, so join in the fun!


*eur stands for “eur not really getting anything…”.

2nd Challenge Winner

Hawaii67 is the official winner of the second SSECS crackme challenge. And as a special congratulations, Hawaii67 will be receiving a brand new Apple iPhony N4U*!!!!!! Way to go hawaii67!

*N4U stands for “Nothing for you”, which is exactly what hawaii67 will be receiving…

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New Challenge Out Now!

All right, sports fans. I have just uploaded the next crackme challenge, “Patchme1″. Sorry for any confusion on setting up a broken link ahead of time. I will not do that next time :S.

This one is an “Easy” difficulty level, so if you’re an experienced cracker, please let one of the newer guys take a ‘crack’ at it (OK, bad pun). The object is to patch it any way you want to display the goodboy, though serial fishing is not allowed. Remember, post your solution on the forum in the Challenges forum. You can download Patchme1 (and previous crackmes)  here .

The Next Crackme Challenge

The next crackme challenge will be Monday, Aug. 27th at 12pm New York Time. It will be an easy one, so please, if you’re an experienced reverser, let one of the noobs try to solve it :)

I will post a link to it in this blog. So check in Monday morning and try your hand at a crackme. Remember, the first person to post a solution in the forum get’s their name on the scoreboard (that and $4 will get you a cup of coffee…)

First Challenge Winner!

Congratulations to Saduff for winning the first crackme challenge. Because he/she was the first on the forum to post a solution, he/she will be receiving a free Sansdisk MP3 player*. Congratulations, Saduff.




*Sansdisk, the “Sans” being French for ‘without’, which is exactly what Saduff will be receiving.

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(Weekly?) Crackme Challenges with Prizes*

Per Gaius Baltar’s great suggestion, The Legend Of Random will be hosting regular crackme challenges. I don’t know exactly how often yet (it depends on if other people contribute or it’s just me). It would be nice to have them every week at a set time, so everyone can try their hand at it, but we’ll see. They will range from easy to extremely difficult. They will also (hopefully) be in several different programming languages, using various techniques to thwart the would-be cracker.

I have also added a “Challenges” section on the site (see top of screen next to ‘forum’) with an area to download the challenges and a status showing who cracked it first. In addition, there will be a small description of the challenge and a place to download it.

As most of you know, the prize giveaways on this sight are nothing short of spectacular, and I’m hoping to have an awesome prize for each winner* :)

In order to get in the spirit, I have uploaded the first crackme. It is a simple one, but you MUST supply the correct serial. No patching, but keygens are allowed (though overkill). The first person to post a solution in the “Challenges” forum will get their name on the scoreboard. (Members of the Super Secret Elite Cracking Squad- sorry, you don’t get to participate :( .)

If anyone else would like to submit a challenge (please), for now simply email them to me. Hopefully, before too long I can make it more automated. After I or one of the SSECS team members (that sounds disgusting) checks it, we will post yours as a challenge as well. I only ask two things; please do not steal others code (as I’m sure I’ll get in trouble) and please try to make them unpublished, as it’s more of a challenge for people. Other than that, the sky’s the limit. Also please send a description of it (ie. limitations, hints etc) so I can include it in the listing.

I hope this is a great learning experience and you guys have fun.


* And who knows, maybe they’ll be a real prize some day…

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